The people of Kwahu, rich in culture and who take pride for their achievements, hail from the Eastern Region of Ghana. They are famous for being the inhabitants of districts embedded with rain forests, beautiful plains, and resourceful rivers, all of which are naturally landscaped with a scenic mountain – The Kwahu Ridge.

They are an assiduous tribe amongst the Akans in Ghana that excel in academics, trade, music and the arts. But they are mostly noted for their business acumen which has made them successful traders and entrepreneurs in Ghana and abroad. Whether in Ghana or abroad, they always seek to unite with one accord in the name of love, prosperity and community development.

It is with such a spirit, that in the summer of 1998, a small group of Kwahus and Kwahu well wishers in New Jersey came together to form Kwahuman Association of New Jersey, with the core aims and objectives being;

  • To meet, deliberate and formulate plans and measures deemed lawful and appropriate to advance the betterment and progress of the membership and The Association.
  • To generate in the membership of the Association a selfless love (called onuiado) and to encourage and inspire each other in our personal and professional development.
  • To preserve, promote, and stimulate interest in the cultural heritage of Ghana in general, and the Kwahu Traditional area in particular, by organizing and sponsoring social, cultural and educational programs for the purpose of achieving those goals.
  • To contribute to the economic/educational/healthcare development of Ghana in general and the Kwahu Traditional area in particular by embarking on sustainable development programs and projects.
  • To support and contribute positively to the economic and social well-being of our communities in New Jersey by organizing fundraising activities to support charitable causes.

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