Kwahuman Ohio donates to Kotoso & Mpraeso Orphanage

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Kwahuman Ohio donates to Kotoso & Mpraeso Orphanage

wpee434954_05_06The inaugural event of the Okwahuman Association of Ohio (OAO) in Columbus raised donations from several associations including the Mfantsiman, Ga Adangbe, Asanteman, Brong Ahafo, Okyeman, Ghanaian Friendship, Diamond Club and Love and Unity to support needy and underprivileged organizations in Ghana.

Of prime interest is the Kotoso and Mpraeso Orphanages all in the Eastern Region which needed immediate attention among others to meet some of their current challenges. OAO in the interim has donated $1000.00 to both orphanages to improve on the current conditions.

Mr. Samuel Kofi Oppong inception of laying down a foundation to support the needy and underprivileged was facilitated by Mr. George Kissi (USA) which gave birth to the Kotoso Orphanage in 2008. This was after Mr. Oppong had moved back home from abroad. The Mpraeso Orphanage was established in 2012 after Mr. Jake Sullivan the founder of Kingdom Cares International, USA realizing the vision and seeing the progress of the Kotoso Orphanage when he visited Ghana, was touched and got involved in an expansion project to accommodate more needy and underprivileged. Today both Kotoso and Mpraeso Orphanages not only is home to over 30 needy and underprivileged but has a school with dedicated teachers who provide education and training to the needy.

Mr. Oppong himself grew up in a similar situation but for assistances like that of OAO kept him afloat to be able to give back to Kotoso and Mpraeso orphanages. Mr. Oppong in his own small way is catering for the needy and underprivileged Ghanaians from all corners free of charge. His progress on the orphanages has caught the hearts of several foreign bodies and individuals who are providing helping hands. OAO delegates have assessed Mr. Oppong’s efforts and progress in Ghana, and has decided to support such a worthy cause. This is what the current executives of OAO urges other associations abroad to added to their portfolios to serve as cushions and/or conduits to select organizations in Ghana. OAO bigger plan includes equipping such organizations by devising strategies to enhance little seeds to become self-sustaining trees to radiate across Ghana and beyond.

Mr. Enoch Ahenkora (Columbus, Ohio), Mr. Samuel Dwomoh (Cincinnati, Ohio) and Dr. Alexander Anim-Mensah (Dayton, Ohio) has been named by Okwahuman Association of Ohio (OAO) to coordinate and lead affairs relating to the provision of short and long-term strategic plans for assisting needy organizations in Ghana. Mr. Ampadu one of the patrons currently residing in Ghana is serving as a conduit on the ground between OAO and orphanages.

The coordinators see an opportunity at the Kwahu National Congress scheduled for August 30, – September 1, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA to raise more support for needy organizations in Ghana.

In case you want to know more about the Kotoso and Mpraeso Orphanages and other needy projects being pursued by OAO please feel free to reach either of the coordinators i.e. Mr. Enoch Ahenkora (, Mr. Samuel Dwomoh ( or Dr. Alexander Anim-Mensah.

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