Nkawkaw Kwahu – The Face of Okwahuman

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Nkawkaw Kwahu – The Face of Okwahuman

Kwahu Citizens are amongst the few ethnic organizations that are more passionate about development projects in Kwahu Tradition Area. Recent times have shown that Easter festivities worldwide have been organized so well to raise funds for community developments.

NkawKaw is one of the fastest grown cities in Ghana and also the gateway of Kwahu; unfortunately it has not been benefiting from these numerous developmental projects sponsored by Kwahuman Associations worldwide. The city is blessed with its ethnic diversity which has made it the face of Okwahuman. A number of ethnic communities like Accra-Town, Zongo, Ayigbe (Ewe Community) portray the beauty of a city without borders. These different communities have lived peacefully and worked together as one family with one parent – “mother Nkawkaw”. As a market hub, its economic activities have also made it very popular.

Regrettably, Nkawkaw has received the least contribution, in terms of development, from its citizens abroad. Schools are in bad shapes, public Hospital like Holy Family is not in good condition, the city is overcrowded and filthy. Schools like St. Michael Boys, St. Cecilia Girls and Nana Akuamoah Achampong, just to mention few, have produced Ministers of State, Members of Parliament, Accountants, Medical Doctors, lawyers and Abrokyere “burgers”, yet, these schools are in serious intensive-care conditions, almost near collapse. Ironically, most of the citizens who benefited from these social amenities are originally not from Nkawkaw so nobody takes ownership of this great city. A lot of its citizens (Kwahu Citizens and non-Kwahus) were born and raised in Nkawkaw because their parents lived there for socio-economic reasons.

A research conducted by this writer has confirmed that, for the year 2014 alone, major projects in a total sum of $75,000 have been undertaken and completed by Kwahuman Association of New York in some Kwahu towns. An ultra-modern Assembly Hall Complex at the cost of $35000 was commissioned at Mpraeso in September. This historic and a well-attended colorful durbar was chaired by Abetifihene, Nana Agyeman Asiedu II who is also the acting President of Kwahu Traditional Council. Over 9 different media houses, including major ones like Peace FM and Adom FM conducted interviews and reported this on their platforms.

Barely a week after this gargantuan durbar, Atibie Hospital Labor and Maternity wards received major facelifts at a cost of $23000. This project which was sponsored by ladies in the Association was also commissioned by Nana Agyeman Asiedu II and 8 of his divisional chiefs.

In the month of November, two mechanized boreholes at the cost of $14,000 were constructed for Kwahu Nteso and Kwahu Bukruwa. Kwahuman Association of New York is only one of the Member-State Associations that form the Okwawu United Association of USA and Canada. There are 7 registered and 4 non- registered State Associations.

Certainly, every town deserves its share of community development and citizens must not shun away from this social responsibility. When Mr. Steve Darkwah, the Vice-President of the Association and the de facto Project Manager for these projects was contacted, he revealed that the rationale behind the president’s message for the past 5 years is to encourage other town associations to unite and assist their hometowns since the resources of Kwahuman cannot cater for all the important projects to be embarked on. Within this 5-year period, various Kwahu town Associations have done and still doing great things in their respective hometowns. Since the President himself was born and raised in Nkawkaw, I’m sure something will be done, he emphasized. Captain Retired Owusu Ansah, an old solider from Nkawkaw, felt Kwahu citizens and non Kwahus who were born and raised in Nkawkaw have unfairly sidelined the city in development projects. I’m over 50 years and my parents are Ewes from Peki but I have only known Nkawkaw as my hometown, he stressed. When the President of the Association was contacted, he declined to comment on the issue but assured that plans are far advanced to form a non-ethnic Development Association that will be far different from other social associations which are mainly focusing on outdooring ceremonies, birthdays and funerals event.

He pleaded with citizens of Nkawkaw and friends of Nkawkaw to help, in a way of giving back to the community and to pay their dues to our beloved city of Heroes, and to uplift its image.

Nkawkaw Citizens, irrespective of which country they reside, can assist by sending an e-mail to nkawkawba@gmail.com or follow them on Facebook- Nkawkaw Development Association of USA and Canada.

Reported by Nana Yaa & Amansanboafoo

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